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Dear Valued Terra Customer,

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have to send a message like this, but unfortunately, this is a crisis we have to deal with and we will get through this together!

The content of this message (also sent in an email) is important so please do take a moment to read this one in its entirety. I will address several issues we are dealing with as well as any changes to our policies.

First of all, we are allowed to continue to work per the Governor and we will continue to as long as we are legally permitted to do so. In an effort to keep our entire Terra team and you, our valued customers as safe as possible we are taking the following precautions. We have our office staff set up to work remotely from home, our crews are having staggered start times, and they are keeping at least 10 feet away from all customers. We are using hand sanitizer and will have protective face masks as soon as possible. Our crews are not stopping at convenience stores and we have on site fuel so they do not need to use public gas pumps.

The H2B temporary work visa program is not viable this year but we do have a good staff and we have also formed strategic alliances with other smaller landscapers which will allow us to maintain our quality as well as get your jobs done timely. Lawn mowing services will begin next week on Monday, March 30th.

We do need your help to make our lives safer and allow our office staff to continue to work from home and not lay anyone off, if you haven’t already, we must insist that you enroll for our Auto Pay/Easy Pay program for all lawn mowing services which are weekly. We would GREATLY APPRECIATE if you would enroll in that program for all of our other services as well.

Please see the Customer Assistant Website (CAW) instructions below on how to enroll in the Easy Pay/Auto Pay program.

Please follow the directions below:

Begin by clicking on Customer Login, than click on Create a Login.

Click on this and enter your customer number, your house number, zip code and your email address. Once you do this, you will receive an e-mail with a link which you can click on and it will allow you to finish setting up your online account. Your sign on thereafter will be your e-mail and the password you created from the home page. You can set yourself up for autopay with your debit card, credit card or your checking account by going on the payment tab. Just remember, if you receive a new card with an updated expiration date you would have to update that information in our customer assistant website on your account. You can also send us notifications through the customer assistant website should you want an estimate, have a service issue or to take advantage of our monthly special offers.

If you have any questions at all or need help, do not hesitate to call me.

The most important thing is that you all please stay safe and healthy and use extreme caution when leaving your homes.

As always, thank you ALL for your continued business we appreciate it very much!

Michele Oskanian, Joe Zinni and the entire team at Terra