Dandelion Control

Organic and Pre-Emergent Solutions for a Pristine Lawn

Make a wish! As early spring arrives, so does the dandelion. Our playful selves want to pull one of those fuzzy little balls filled with weed seeds from the ground and blow those dandelion seeds into the atmosphere while making a wish. But those fuzzy little balls called pappus, accompanied by the pretty bright yellow flowers will wreak havoc to your lawn.

Dandelions Growing: Ways of Controlling

Dandelion flowers are broadleaf weeds which are not easy to get rid of. A fully established dandelion has ten inch dandelion taproots which causes the weed to resurface year after year. In order to get rid of dandelion, first you must get rid of the root. A healthy lawn does not want these pesky perennials. Dandelion plants will push out your grass. In addition, a dandelion plant takes water and nutrients away from plants. As the seeds of the pappus blow through the air the weed spreads far and wide.

The best way to kill dandelions is to control them annually. Eliminating dandelions with a selective broadleaf herbicide will remove the yellow flowers in your lawn without killing the grass. For other areas where you need to get rid of dandelions, a non-selective herbicide will be more effective for spot removal in areas such as cracks in sidewalks or flower beds.

At Terra lawn Care Specialist, our weed control service uses a pre-emergent herbicide application in the spring and late fall on your lawn that prevents weeds before they can germinate. Dandelion seedlings and dandelion sprouts will not return to your lawn with the help of Terra. The dandelion population in your lawn will be a thing of the past. The fluffy seed heads will be gone, but not the grass.

Natural Dandelion Control Methods

No one likes toxic chemicals. Dandelion seeds spread like wildfire and soon the entire plant will take over your lawn. Corn Gluten Meal is organic fertilizer that feeds the soil and may help minimize new weed germination. Corn Gluten Meal is an excellent slow-release natural fertilizer and it contains 9% Nitrogen as a protein.

Weed killer and natural herbicides if used correctly will get rid of these perennial weeds and prevent dandelions from re-emerging. But if you prefer the natural way to kill dandelions there are some options. But, don’t forget, it’s not easy and they will return year after year. Dandelion seeds are spread by wind and no lawn or planting bed is safe from those bright yellow flowers invading.

Here are some manual ways you can effectively get rid of dandelions in early spring or whenever they appear:

1. Dig Them Up

Hand-pulling dandelions after digging them up is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of them. Dampen the soil around the broadleaf weeds and give the water time to soak into the dandelion plants. This will make it easier to pull the dandelion root from the ground.

2. Use Acetic Acid

Once you’ve removed the root as deeply as you can you’ll be left with a small hole where the surrounding plants were removed. This is when you need some horticultural vinegar. It’s stronger than household vinegar and commonly used as a weed killer. This type of vinegar is very potent. You should take precaution. Wear gloves and other protective equipment to be safe. This method of spot dandelion removal is also very time consuming. Don’t over exert yourself.

3. Flaming Dandelions

Use a weed torch to kill your dandelions. This method is not great against fully grown dandelion plants with a well-established root system. It works best on seedlings that are concentrated in areas.

4. Reseeding

Certain varieties of grass seed create thick, dense lawns that naturally choke off weeds. Some can be high maintenance. Regular Reseeding once a year will keep the grass thick enough to keep the broadleaf perennials and other weeds at bay.

5. Mow The Lawn

An easy way of controlling dandelions is taking time for lawn care. When you have a broadleaf perennial in your yard, periodic mowing can help prevent their spread. Seed heads won’t form if the mower cuts off the yellow dandelion flowers. This can prevent the spread of dandelions flowers in your yard. If you mow your lawn often in early spring when the dandelions bloom, you will have less dandelion flowers next year.

Dandelions Have Natural Predators

Dandelions are an important diet of many insects. The honeybee, bumblebee, bald-faced hornet and the wasp use dandelions as a food source. Grasshoppers, mites, fireflies and butterflies also consume dandelions.

Rabbits, including the eastern cottontail can be found in your yard feasting on the common dandelion.

White-tailed deer are also consumers of dandelions.

Birds love a tasty dandelion. The seeds are eaten by many species of bird. They include the American goldfinch, northern bobwhite, wild turkey and white-throated sparrow.

Lets not forget about human consumption. Dandelions can be a food source to humans too. They have great nutritional value and can be used in a salad or as a cup of dandelion tea.

Professional Dandelion Control Services: Why Choose Us

Terra Lawn Care Specialist are experts in dandelion control. You can spend hours exhausting yourself trying to manually get rid of dandelions, but it will be difficult to prevent dandelions from returning to your lawn. Our service will save you the time and effort and guarantee a weed free lawn. Contact Terra for a consultation or quote. We are located at 3481 Germantown Pike in Collegeville, PA. Call today 610-275-2170.

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