Cockroach Control

Terra Cockroach Control & Treatment

How to kill cockroaches? If you’ve ever been an unlucky home or business owner and found yourself with these unexpected guests, the previous question has definitely crossed your mind a time or two. German cockroaches, the world’s most common and widespread cockroach, can be a big problem in the Lansdale, Skippack, and Norristown areas in specific circumstances.

If you’ve found yourself with a cockroach infestation, you will undoubtably want to act quickly and decisively. The first step, as any pest control expert will tell you, is to ensure that any food debris is cleared from the area. German Cockroaches thrive in warm, dark places where food scraps may be left out. After that, we typically use bait in any nooks and crannies than may harbor the infestation, making two visits in a ten-day period to ensure that the problem is dealt with properly and to your complete satisfaction.

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