Sod Installation & Renovation

Ready To Roll Out The Green Carpet?

Terra Specializes In Lawn Installation And Renovation!

Sometimes, you just have to start scratch.  A lush, verdant lawn can easily be yours when you start with fresh new sod.  Since lawn installation puts mature, healthy grass directly onto your lawn, you get instant results!

Lawn renovation is for you if you can’t wait for a more traditional seed, water-and-wait approach.  At Terra, we specialize in professional sod installation and renovation, and we’ll make sure your new lawn is healthy and beautiful as can be!

Learn more about how sod could be right for you and your lawn.

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Before & After Sod Installation Gallery

You Need Terra If This Is You!

1. You’ve put your house up for sale, and your front lawn is decreasing the value.

2. Your front lawn has more weeds than grass.

3. You’ve decided to hold your daughter’s wedding at your house, but your lawn’s a mess!

When Your Lawn Is A Mess Contact Terra!

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