Don’t Snub Your Shrubs


Make Sure You Treat Your Shrubs With The TLC They Deserve.

Professional shrub pruning calls for a careful touch and meticulous attention in order to maintain the plants’ health needs while achieving the desired aesthetic look. At Terra, we specialize in shrub trimming under the expert care of certified arborists, lawn care technicians, landscaping professionals, and Agronomy graduates.

The 3 Big Benefits of Shrub Pruning: To Keep Your Shrubs Looking Great!

  • Providing maintenance – Encouraging growth and ensuring their structural purpose in the landscape
  • Promoting health – Removing diseased branches, insect damage, and dead stubs
  • Improving appearance – Keeping up a well-proportioned shape & size
 Avoid This Common Mistake:

Shrub trimming should never concentrate solely on the shrub’s exterior. Doing so can deprave its inner structure of the light it needs for photosynthesis and can lead to “hollow shrub syndrome” —  even death. Our shrub pruning service is dedicated to promoting healthy growth, lush foliage, and beautiful shape.

Let the pros at Terra handle the shearing and pruning of your shrubs. We’ll make sure they live the healthy, long, and lovely lives they deserve!

Terra Provides Expert, Professional Shrub Pruning

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