Lawn Aeration

Keep Your Lawn Looking Its Best All Year Long!

Lawn aeration is one of the most important treatments for a healthy lawn!  Plenty of people water, seed, and fertilize their lawn or garden.  Then they wonder why it still wilts, fades, or even dies. It might not be the sun or the weather — they may not even be aware of what’s causing the problem. Lawn aeration might just be the answer!

Why Aerate?

Turf aeration helps make your lawn healthier and reduces maintenance requirements by:

-Improving air exchange between the soil and atmosphere
-Enhancing soil water uptake and improving fertilizer uptake
-Reducing water runoff, puddling, and soil compaction
-Enhancing temperature tolerance and resiliency

Here's How Terra Does It:

1. We mechanically remove small cores of thatch and soil from your lawn (core aeration).

2. Then, we broadcast seed over your entire lawn. Your lawn will benefit with an improved fertilization response, improved turf grass rooting, reduced soil compaction, and an increase in turf density.

3. Within 1-to-2 weeks (depending upon air temperature, soil moisture, and soil type) new grass seedlings will start to develop out of the aeration plug holes.

4. With proper watering and fertilization, these areas will continue to grow into a thicker lawn. Thin turf and larger bare areas may take up to an entire season to become full, but with aeration / over-seeding and a routine of fertilization and pest control, your lawn will become thicker and healthier.

Take a 6-inch screwdriver and push it into your turf.  If it does not go in easily up to the handle, your lawn needs more water.  Grass is made up of about 80% water, if it hasn’t rained in a week, and you haven’t watered, your lawn will start to wilt, grow crabgrass (which thrives in lightly watered lawns), and start losing its looks.  Turf aeration fixes these issues, and it also makes whatever investment you make in seed, fertilizer, and work worthwhile.

Dry Lawn? Aerate Your Lawn With Terra!

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