Terra Will Take Care of The Spotted Lantern Fly in Your Yard!

As a result of last year’s mild winter, the spotted lantern fly population was enormous last year and we are prepared to handle any of your lantern fly issues this year.

Unlike last year, we now have very good and specific insecticides to control this problem.  The best is a bark band spray with Zylem.  This will give great knockdown and systemic activity for 60 days.  The spotted lantern fly will actively feed from early June through September.  Therefore, the best treatment would be an application of Zylem in early June and a 2nd application in early August.  This would give season long control.  We are finding that they are feeding on willow and maple trees.

Below is a map of Pennsylvania from the 2014 — 2018 Lycorma Detection Survey of the Spotted Lantern Fly.  The infestation is in Southeast Pennsylvania.


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