Stinging Insects

Terra Stinging Insect Control & Treatment

This region of Pennsylvania is unfortunately home to quite a few different species of stinging insects. When these viscous creatures are found in or near the home, it can often mean a minor emergency for homeowners.

Paper wasps are some of the most insidious stinging insects in our area.  They are aggressive, and often have exposed or hanging nests.

Yellow jackets are another constant threat, as anyone who has ever been stung is well aware. Commonly, these bugs build their nests in the ground, but they can sometimes be found making a home in the walls/roofs/or eaves of your house. Often, problems arise when home owners try to treat these infestations on their own, as blocking or poisoning the yellow jackets may actually drive them deeper into your home.

Bald faced hornets represent a similar threat, and are also often found in our area. We have years of experience dealing with their papery nests.

Cicada Killers are another nasty critter you’ll want to keep an eye out for. Though they are deadly to cicadas, they also deliver a nasty sting to humans. We can treat them at the source and neutralize these stingers.

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