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Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other potentially harmful bugs can really prevent you and your family from enjoying your outside space to its fullest.  With the relatively mild winters we’ve had the past few years experts are pointing to a large increase in the flea, tick and mosquito population.  Terra will take care of it.

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Our preventative pest control defenses will help decrease harmful bug population and discourage them from coming back, which in turn will help prevent scenarios that could welcome in more serious conditions nobody wants to deal with (like lyme disease, west nile virus, and chikungunya).

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Our certified experts treat your lawn with safe, top-quality, effective pest control products. We use the best treatment materials designed to directly attack the bugs, quickly reduce their population, and maintain a residual detraction for their return. Our experts apply product directly to your foliage to fight those pests head-on, so that you’ll be able to enjoy your lawn with short sleeves and peace of mind in the warmer months.  Contact us today.

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