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Appropriate lawn care requires the work of highly qualified specialists. The lawn treatment process is complex and it’s worth spending time doing some research before selecting the best lawn care service. Working with professionals will help to achieve the optimum results and get the best out of a quality lawn care process.

While other companies only provide fertilizer application, Terra offers a multitude of services. Our team can do sod installation, top dressing, and disease identification and eradication. Choose a top-notch lawn care service and learn for yourself the benefits of lawn maintenance provided by professionals.

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If you’re seeking an experienced, professional lawn care company with a personal dedication to each and every customer, you’ve come to the right place. We provide excellent lawn mowing service, a unique 6-step-organic-lawn-care program, lawn aeration and fertilization, weed control, and other professional lawn care programs.

No need to worry about what lawn service to select. A Terra lawn care expert will provide professional guidance and determine what’s appropriate in your situation. We are ready to conduct a soil test, lawn analysis, and other professional measures if necessary. To put it simply, our lawn care company acts as a lawn doctor who can prescribe medicine that is most suitable for your lawn’s current conditions.

Evergreen Lawn Care with Terra Services

While many lawn care companies only do basic fertilization applications, our firm goes beyond essential lawn treatment. Click on the thumbnail below to find out about particular lawn care services.

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At Terra Lawn Care Specialists, our trained horticulturalists, skilled technicians, and experienced maintenance staff provide affordable lawn care services tailored to the needs of your lawn, ensuring it stays healthy and looks spectacular. Our company will provide you with a healthy, lush, green lawn that you will love.

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We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality lawn care in the Tri-State area. Our guarantee to you is that our high-quality staff will get the job right the first time using the best products available. Do not hesitate to contact us via the form to get a free quote and receive a non-committal personalized service proposition.

Key Benefits Of Lawn Care Services


Appraisers estimate that a well-landscaped and maintained lawn adds 7% to the value of residential property.

Air Quality

A 50′ by 50′ well maintained grass area will create enought oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four every day.

Water Quality

Lawns return the moisture to the watertable where it can again be used by everyone.

Soil Quality

A healthy lawn prevents erosion by water or wind and the loss of valuable topsoilless mud and dust in the house.


A beautiful lawn is immediately pleasing to the eye and relaxing in its appearance.

Terra Lawn Professionals can Help you in Multiple Ways

Not only does our company possess a know-how related to lawn care services, we also offer tree pruning, shrub care, weed removal, and yard work. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can provide high-quality services that suit the needs of the most demanding homeowners.

We use a unique mixture of organic products to achieve the best effects. Just ask for our professional support and maintain an exceptional lawn. What you will receive is expert advice related to basic lawn care concepts.

Your Questions Answered​

Lawn aeration is an essential treatment for a healthy lawn. Many people water, seed, and fertilize their yard or garden but are still wondering why it wilts, fades, or dies. Lack of aeration can be an underlying issue. How to aerate the lawn efficiently

Our lawn aeration process consists of four steps:

  1. We start with core aeration: we mechanically remove small cores of thatch and soil from your lawn.
  2. Later, we broadcast seed over the entire lawn.
  3. Within 1-to-2 weeks, new grass seedlings will emerge from the aeration plug holes.
  4. Now, with proper watering and fertilization, you can create a green oasis in your backyard!
    While many homeowners try to aerate local lawns independently, using professional aeration services will provide you with a much higher quality lawn.

A well-fed lawn not only looks better but can also efficiently combat heat, cold, and drought. So, when is the best time to fertilize lawns to achieve the best outcomes?

For the optimum effects, consider fertilizing your lawn six times a year:

  • Early spring
  • Late spring
  • Early summer
  • Late summer
  • Early fall
  • Late fall

Terra Lawn Care developed a unique program consisting of 6 applications which is completed over the season and will provide essential nutrients that your lawn needs. The treatment is preceded by an in-depth soil analysis, the foundation for further scheduled visits,which is the beginning of the professional fertilization process.

A dull green lawn is the most apparent sign that the grass needs water. Watering grass in the early morning is the most optimal variant. As it’s usually cold at dawn, the water-soaking process is more efficient early in the day.

You should irrigate your lawn by giving your grass approximately 1 to 1.5 inches of water. If you water it for too short, the lawn will quickly dry; if the process is too long, the grass may rot.

The exact length of lawn watering depends on multiple factors, such as the sprinkler you use and your lawn size. As a rule of thumb, watering lawns in-between 15 and 30 minutes should be efficient in many cases.

Terra Lawn Care offers professional, tailor-made irrigation services to help keep your grass in good condition and prevent diseases.

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