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6 Step Lawn Care Program

Terra's 6 Step Lawn Care Program

You’re just 6 steps away from the perfect lawn!
Terra’s 6 Step Lawn Care Program is our very own tried-and-true treatment method. It consists of 6 professional treatments that deliver comprehensive care and maintenance for year-round health and beauty.


Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

A balanced fertilizer is applied to promote quick green-up coming out of the winter months.  A crabgrass preventor will be applied along with a spot application of a braodleaf herbicide if any winter annuals are in your lawn.along with a crabgrass pre and post emergent herbicide.


Fertilizer with Pre and Post Emergent Crabgrass Control

A balanced fertilizer is applied along with a crabgrass pre and post emergent herbicide.  An application of broadleaf herbicide will be applied throughout your lawn.


Fertilizer with a Complimentary Grub and Surface Insect Control

Controlled release fertilizer to enhance color and vigor through the summer months.  Your complimentary treatment includes a preventative grub treatment along with a surface feeding insect control.


Fertilizer with Bio-Stimulant

A well-balanced organic microbial stimulant, along with a powerful bio-stimulant and soil conditioner will be applied.  This application will reduce heat stress and stabilize soil moisture during the hot stressful periods of the summer.  Applicators will also be inspecting your lawn for any disease activity that occurs when weather conditions are favorable for disease growth.


Early Fall Fertilizer with Broadleaf Weed Control

A complete fertilizer is applied to rejuvenate your lawn from the stressful summer months.  A broadleaf herbicide is applied throughout your lawn to control weeds such as dandelion, plantain and clover.


Late Fall Fertilizer

A high nitrogen fertilizer is applied to enhance root development and provide valuable carbohydrates for the turfgrass plant.  This treatment is a must to have a successful root system.

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