Lawn Fertilization

For Growing And Maintaining A Healthy Lawn Fertilization Is Key!

As I drive through my neighborhood, I always notice that one amazing lawn. “Why doesn’t my lawn look like this? The weed growth on my lawn has strangled the grass and I struggle to keep my garden weed free.” A quality lawn fertilization service can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Terra is the lawn fertilizer service you are searching for. Weed control will be a thing of the past and environmental conditions will be taken into consideration with our lawn care service.

Lawn fertilizer, proper grass cutting and a quality lawn care service is the key. Lush green grass requires essential nutrients. With fertilizer application, your lawn will become a family oasis. Terra will provide you with a healthy lawn. We will advise you on ways to keep your entire lawn looking good from early spring into late spring, early summer and early fall. Enjoy the warm season and hot summer months and leave the mowing to us. We also take care to fertilize the lawn so you don’t have to. Lawn fertilization is what we do. We will prepare you for warm season grasses and cool season grasses by providing you a fertilized lawn with even coverage. Strong roots start with a good fertilizer application. Whether it’s spring, summer fall or winter, Terra will help you maintain the best possible lawn. An amazing green lawn is in your reach.

Why is Lawn Fertilizer so Important?

Fertilizing your lawn will keep it looking lush and green and helps keep away harmful weeds, insects, drought, and disease. Healthy lawns help the environment by producing oxygen as well as trapping dust and pollution. This is one reason why lawn fertilization matters.

As a do it yourself type, try Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed. It is a weed killer plus fertilizer which kills existing weeds and feeds to thicken your lawn and crowd out future weeds. But total lawn maintenance is hard work and very time-consuming. Hiring a professional lawn service will give you back your weekends to spend time doing more of the things you love. Lawn fertilization services are worth the investment.

At Terra, We recommend lawn fertilizer to all of our clients. We take the time to educate you on the many benefits of lawn fertilization services and options for great lawn care and maintenance. We will educate the homeowner on applying lawn fertilizer and the essential nutrients needed. We will explain the difference between liquid fertilizers and granular fertilizer. We use the best quality fertilizers in the industry and our technicians are individually certified and licensed with the state. Ready for a green, lush lawn? Give Terra a call today. Your lawn fertilizer expert is waiting to meet you and deliver healthy grass and weed control.

Benefits in Hiring a Specialist to Fertilize Your Lawn

A lot of training and education goes into our lawn technicians before they go out and produce a beautiful lawn using grass fertilizer. The best organic fertilizer will be used for your home. Most homeowners who try the “do it yourself” method fall short of that perfect lawn. Applying too much fertilizer can cause fertilizer burn which can destroy your lawn and destroy root growth. The best green grass comes with applying fertilizer properly. Lawn grasses will come to life in the growing season with the proper balance of nutrients during the fertilizer application process. This is what Terra can do for you. Our lawn fertilizing service will handle pre emergent weed control and post emergent weed control. We can supply all the nutrients that will give you the lush green lawn you hope for. The overall health of your lawn is important to us and we promise a satisfaction guarantee.

Utilizing Top-Notch Lawn Equipment for Professional Results

We also have the best machines in the business to cut your lawn. A good machine helps with those perfect lines. We invest not only in good equipment, but also in the maintenance of that equipment.

Anyone can come and cut your lawn. The first time our crew comes out we walk through the property to identify problem spots. We will identify low spots, wet areas and other problems affecting your lawn. We can apply grass seed if necessary. We can check your soil health. Our lawn fertilization service will use professional grade products such as organic fertilizers, liquid fertilizer and other options that will best suit your lawn.

Attention to Details

We will properly mow your lawn and go above and beyond the average lawn company to make your yard look neat and clean. We will go the extra mile to keep those clippings out of your mulch beds, swimming pools or any place they don’t belong. Each time we cut, we make sure to alternate patterns and never follow the previous week’s wheel tracks. This will avoid creating ruts and uneven ground..

Appropriate for All Grass Types

Whatever the grass type, the best grass starts with Terra. We are all you need to have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood. Our lawn services will premote soil quality beneath all grass types. Place your lawn health in our hands. All your lawn needs will be taken care of, whether it’s lawn fertilization services or any lawn care services, your green lawn is waiting. The best lawn care service will combine lawn care programs such as quality grass cutting with fertilizer service. A good lawn fertilization service will provide lawn treatment when needed.

Just sit back and relax. Terra will provide the full service that you need. A lawn fertilizing schedule will be in place, grass cutting will be on schedule, weed growth will be maintained and more nutrients will be applied when needed. The qualified staff will feed your lawn and you will enjoy the lush and perfectly trimmed green grass with strong roots. When we are finished fertilizing you will find that you and your family will spend more time outdoors in the garden relaxing and enjoying life and less time trying to self-maintain your lawn only to end up frustrated at its appearance. Life is short. Enjoy your lawn today without the hassles of doing it yourself while reeking the benefits of a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Lawn Fertilization FAQ

Maintaining the blades of the mower is very important. At Terra we will help you achieve that well-manicured look. It is very important to keep your blades sharp. At Terra we sharpen ours at least once per week and use the hardest steel blades to keep them sharp. This will give your lawn a nice cut rather than a tear of the grass blade.

To avoid this problem, Terra uses a process called “Double Cutting”. This process requires more than simply going over the property two times. The first time we pass over the property, we remove 1-1.5” from the blade of grass. Once that has been done, we lower the mower cutting deck and mow in a 90-degree direction to the original cut to remove another 1” from the grass blades. By doing this, we do not have long pieces of cut grass laying on top of the property and strangling the remaining grass.

After the grass has been mowed, the trimming begins. People seem to hold the trimmer head level to the ground. This will scalp the grass and leave it too short. When the grass is too short, it provides a great environment for weeds to grow. The proper way to string trim the borders is to use a special edger or hold the trimmer at a 90-degree angle to the surface of the grass so you will achieve a nice well-defined border. It is important not to overdo it so you will not get a 2” wide and 4” deep trough surrounding your property.

If it does not sound easy, that is because it isn’t. At Terra we have the proper people and machinery to do this at a reasonable cost to you. Just give us a call to schedule your free lawn evaluation and leave the trimming to us.

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