Top Dressing

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Do you want a lawn so LUSH, it looks like you could play a few rounds of golf on it?  Well, you’re in luck. This can be achieved through top dressing. Not only does top dressing turf make it look fantastic, it has a lot of other benefits.  Our staff of expert, licensed lawn care professionals will determine which material (compost, soil, or sand) is best for building better soil structure for your turf.

Top dressing has been the traditional method for golf course maintenance throughout history, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular method for home lawns, too. It’s no wonder, since the results are so stunning and spectacular.

The top dressing process involves applying compost, soil, or sand over the surface of your lawn in order to add organic material and restore the balance, all while building better soil and increasing soil flora. When combined with core aeration, it buries that organic material deeper into the soil, which in turn helps to reduce traffic stress, relieve compaction problems, and assist in water retention.

The best time of year for top dressing lawns is in the fall for cool season grasses and in the spring for warm season grasses. This also allows you to combine other cultural practices, such as overseeding, with the top dressing for the best results. We’ll work closely and carefully with you — and your lawn — to make sure you have the richest, greenest yard on the block.

Key Benefits Of Terra's Top Dressing

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