Tree & Stump Removal

Terra Takes Down Trees And Removes Stumps!

Are you tired of annoying tree stumps in your yard? Do you have dangerous trees on your property?

Terra takes care of both and operates the best machinery to guarantee the protection of your home and property.

We know you love your trees, but no tree is too large or too small to benefit from proper care. And at times it can be necessary to remove trees for safety, construction and certain health related reasons. Terra is here to help! Our tree care experts specialize in the safe, environmentally conscious removal of trees from properties of all shapes and sizes.

When trees are being removed, we also offer the service of stump grinding. Terra retains stump-grinders of all different sizes specifically so we are able to offer this service to customers who have restricted access to different parts of their property. Stump grinding involves the full removal of the tree stump to below ground level, leaving your lawn looking natural.

What Happens After The Stump Is Removed?

1. The hole is filled with either the stump grindings or topsoil, depending on the location of the tree.

2. If the tree stump is located very visually, such as within your lawn area, or a replacement tree is being replanted in the exact same location, the hole is backfilled using topsoil.

3. The new topsoil allows for the area to be used again for replanting, turfing or paving immediately.

For The Best Tree Removal And Stump Removal Call Terra Now!

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