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Impede Those Weeds. Our weed control service will get the job done right.

It’s simple: a combination of proper mowing and proper weed-killing application is the best way to combat these pesky plants. Some companies will handle one task or the other, but unless your weed control company is communicating with your mowing service, there’s a disconnect in treatment and your lawn could still suffer. Terra Lawn Care Specialists is a full-service company that handles everything from mowing to weed management in order to take full responsibility for the health of your lawn.

Some Of Our Trusted Guidelines For Weed Control:

  • Get ‘Em Before They Appear:  Terra uses a pre-emergement treatment on your lawn that discourages weed growth
  • Get ‘Em Early: The best time to treat weeds is early in their lifecycle. We apply herbicide to grassy weeds (such as crabgrass) in the early Spring, and to broadleaf weeds (like dandelion) in the Fall.
  • Apply When Dry: We only apply herbicide on dry, calm days. Rain or moisture can wash the product off and decrease its effectiveness.
  • Keep It Healthy: A lush, healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds. A dense lawn blocks the weeds from getting sun, which is what they need most in order to grow. We’ll make sure your turf is always in great shape.

Mow correctly, enroll in our 6 step lawn care program, and water your lawn regularly — that’s really it all it takes to solve all of your weed woes.

We’ve got the first two steps covered, and as long as you take care of the third, your lawn will thrive.

Are You Pulling Your Hair Out Over Pulling Weeds? Stop

Weed management is not hard; it just requires perseverance. We’ve got plenty of that, and we’re committed to helping you grow a great lawn that is weed-free!
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