Keeping your lawn healthy and sustainable is a top priority for many homeowners, and top dressing is a crucial part of achieving that goal. Lawns overflowing with weeds or dying in patches are a nuisance for homeowners, but one that can be solved with a tactical top-dressing approach.

But what is top dressing, and how can you choose the right material to suit your lawn? To help you decide, we’ve compiled this guide to choosing the right top dressing material for your lawn.

What is Top Dressing?

Top dressing describes applying a thin layer of material to the surface of your lawn to improve its soil structure and support healthier grass growth for a picturesque landscape. Top dressing helps heal your soil and revitalizes your lawn without requiring you to pull up your grass and try again.

Top dressing material is organic and offers nutrients to the soil to ensure healthy growth and a vibrant appearance, making your lawn look good as new.

Top Dress Materials

There is no shortage of materials to select from when top-dressing your lawn. Depending on your soil type, you may prefer one top dress material over another. Consider the following popular top-dressing materials as you embark on this journey.


Sand is often used as topsoil for artificial green life golf courses. Sand is ideal for gritty soil with a similar texture, and sand evens out uneven terrains often found on golf courses and improves drainage in heavy clay soils.


Topsoil is an inexpensive solution for dressing your lawn. While topsoil contains fewer nutrients than other options, its similarity to the existing soil structure helps smooth the ground perfectly. Topsoil is typically best for loam soil or soil with a high sand concentration and works for gritty soil or fine, slightly-damp soil.


Finally, compost is a popular method of top-dressing your lawn because it suits all soil types. A high-quality compost should be labeled with fine particle size and have a pH of 6.5 to 8. As long as the compost you choose has few filler ingredients and is finished, you’ll see significant improvements in your lawn’s appearance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the best Material to Top Dress Lawn

Deciding on the best material for top-dressing lawn is crucial to achieving the desired results. Along with the soil’s type and texture, the grass’s condition can influence your decision. Your grass is likely due for a top dressing if you notice the following:

  • Yellowing grass leaves
  • Grass that is overly wet or squishy
  • Bald patches in your lawn
  • Weeds

Depending on your grass type, top-dressing your lawn is most effective if you perform the process in the fall or spring. While cool-season grass is best for top-dressing in the fall, warm-season grass is suitable for late spring.

Top Dressing Material Near Me

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