Diseases that ticks and mosquitoes carry are both scary and real. If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately you may have noticed that there’s a new tick borne disease that’s getting a lot of press. POW, which stands for the Powassan Virus, is being called more dangerous—and more deadly—than Lyme Disease. But that’s one of only a number of serious insect-borne diseases out there. Last year it was Zika, a mosquito-borne disease that was heavy in the press. There will always be diseases to be concerned with when it comes to invasive pests.

Pennsylvania has always been a trouble zone for pests. Largely due to the number of acorn trees in the region, the state has always ranked very high with the CDC when it comes to recorded cases of Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, experts predict that this will be the worst tick season in years. It’s likely due to the fact that warmer winters have allowed ticks to spread into new regions across the country. For the same reasons, it’s thought that the mosquito population will also thrive this year.

While disease is obviously the most serious reason you want to keep pests like ticks and mosquitoes off your property, these insects can also pose a nuisance. Even a mild reaction from a bite—such as inflammation or itching—can be burdensome. The last thing you want to do when spending time outdoors is have to be worrying about bugs. It takes away from your chance to enjoy your outdoor living space. And when you have pets or kids, it’s likely you’re worrying even more. From keeping everyone in long sleeves to constantly applying repellent, it’s no longer fun to be outside.

Although your experience in the past may have been that nothing works, we do have a solution. Our flea and tick control program will help keep these nasty pests off your lawn. With safe, high-quality pest control products, we can help you protect your family against dangerous disease so that you can truly enjoy your time outdoors.

Similarly, our mosquito control program can keep those pesky stinging mosquitoes at bay. Our certified specialists will help reduce the mosquito population and activity at your home by strategically applying control products as needed.

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