Landscape lighting has a number of benefits that will help transform your Philadelphia area home. From aesthetic appeal to functionality, lighting up your front and back yards will go a long way in boosting curb appeal and helping you get more enjoyment out of your space.

While a lot of homeowners might just think of landscape lighting as a few strategically placed spotlights, outdoor lighting has come so much farther than that. There are so many types of lighting fixtures and forms of lighting that it can be very beneficial to work with a professional. Plus, with today’s LED technology, outdoor lighting is longer lasting and higher quality than ever before. Gone are the days of paying ongoing maintenance bills to switch out bulbs. Most LED lights have a 10-year warranty.

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Adding landscape lighting is a project that might be an investment at the onset, but will easily pay for itself down the line. You have to also consider the tremendous amount of value that lighting adds to your home. Artistic accent lighting will enhance your home’s appearance well into the evening hours. By lighting up certain architectural features of your home or certain plants or trees, you add a tremendous amount of interest and appeal.

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In addition to the value, lighting also adds functionality. If you’re going to invest in an outdoor living space, it only makes sense to also invest in high-quality lighting to be able to enjoy that space. Lighting also boosts your home’s safety and security. A well-lit property—particularly on walkways and driveways—will help prevent falls and deter intruders.

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