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Terra’s 6-Step Lawn Care Program is our very own tried-and-true treatment method. It consists of 6 professional treatments that deliver comprehensive care and maintenance for year-round health and beauty.
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Our 6 steps of treatment:

Pre-Emergent Crab Grass Control And Fertilizer

We start by controlling the crabgrass and promoting spring green-up. We use a complete fertilizer with quick and controlled release material that greatly reduces crabgrass and other annual weed grasses.

Spring Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent Crab Grass and Weed Control

Next, we work on enhancing turf color and density with a complete fertilizer with quick and controlled release material. This is also where we start defeating that dandelion, plaintain, and clover with a broadleaf weed control.

Grub/Insect Control and Fertilizer

Bugs begone! Other providers charge for this service but with Terra, you get free Grub Control and Surface feeding insect control! Say bye-bye to the june beetle, Japanese beetle, masked chafer, annual bluegrass weevil, and other soil inhabiting pests. This treatment also takes care of damage done  by surface-feeding pests including billbugs, chinch bugs, cutworms, and sod webworms. We also apply controlled-release fertilizer to enhance turf color and vigor.

Summer Fertilizer and Weed Control

We make sure your turf is tough enough for the stresses of summer by applying controlled-release fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

Fall Fertilizer and Weed Control 

We continue to enhance turf color and density through complete controlled-release fertilizer.

Late Fall Fertilizer

Before your lawn goes into hibernation, we give it one last application to enhance winter root development and provide stores of energy for early spring green-up.

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