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We maintain the highest standards when it comes to our customers lawns and strive to go above and beyond your each time we cut your grass.
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Terra Lawn Care Specialists offer a seasonal and annual lawn mowing service.  For starters, we double cut your lawn if it needs it, sharpen our lawn mower blades every week, and alternate cut patterns to maintain the health of your turf as well as keep your grass growing at its optimum level. Throw in string trimming (weed whacking!) and blowing of all edges and hard surfaces and we’re talking about one nice looking lawn.

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On top of everything, we work with our customers to decide on a specific cut day and only use the highest quality equipment. We treat your lawn the same as we do our own because that’s what our customers have come to expect and that’s what we’d want in a lawn service. So contact us today for our lawn service rates and get back to enjoying your lawn, not slaving over it.

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1 year of free PH testing for any customer that signs an annual lawn service contract!

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