How do you mow your lawn? Do you like to have it in straight lines parallel to the curb, or perhaps vertical stripes? Do you mow in a circular pattern, or do you cut diamonds into your grass? The best pattern for mowing your lawn isn’t exactly arbitrary. While you can cut your grass however you want, different lawn shapes make some patterns more appropriate than others. Here’s how you can enhance your lawn’s appeal by choosing a mowing pattern.


The easiest– and perhaps most common– lawn pattern, stripes can be made parallel or perpendicular to your focal point. For many people, the easiest focal point is the property line or the curb. When you make this pattern, simply mow in one direction, turn, and continue until the yard is completely mowed.  This pattern looks great on all shapes and sizes of lawns.

Varying Lines

This stripe variant creates a furrowed look and is great for making a short lawn look longer. To do this pattern, mow two parallel rows next to each other in the same direction. Then, mow a third in the opposite direction. This pattern bends the grass in different directions, making thin dark stripes surrounded by wider light stripes.


Curves are perfect for an irregularly-shaped lawn or a lawn with lots of trees or flowerbeds. This is another variation of the stripe pattern, where instead of following a straight line, you make a wave and follow it as you mow.


Checkerboard patterns are a little more complicated than stripes or varying lines. To create this pattern, mow your whole lawn in straight rows in one direction. Then, mow the lawn a second time at a 90º angle to the first mowing. It’s more time consuming than stripes, but it will give your lawn a very tidy appearance.


A diamond pattern looks like a tilted checkerboard. It starts the same way, with one pass of stripes over the whole lawn in a single direction. Then, go over the lawn again at a 45º angle to the original mowing pattern.

If you have a small lawn, definitely consider giving the checkerboard or diamond patterns a try!


The easiest pattern for large lawns, you can either start on the edge of your yard and work in or choose a spot in the middle and work out. Simply go around your lawn in a circular pattern. Move slowly and make sure you’re overlapping your tire tracks.

Getting The Best Results

Whenever you’re cutting your grass, make sure to mow when the grass is dry. Keep your mower blades sharp, and vary your patterns so as not to create compaction or bald spots in the grass. Or, for the very best results, hire a professional lawn service.

A professional mowing and lawn maintenance service will leave your lawn looking beautiful every time. You won’t have to worry about choosing the right height or wonder if your mower needs maintenance. Instead, let the professionals at Terra Lawn Care take care of your grass. Give us a call at 610-275-2170 for a free estimate today!