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Terra Lawn Care Specialists is a local, family owned and operated, full service Lawn Care Company that has been providing our North Wales customers with the nicest lawns on the block since 2003. Get to know us, Read our Testimonials or just Give us a Call.
We are dedicated to providing outstanding lawn care maintenance, high quality tree care, superior landscaping, and the most effective pest control services in North Wales as well as neighboring areas.

Did you know that John Oates (yep, like Hall and Oates) is from North Wales, Pennsylvania? Well, did you also know that Terra Lawn Care Specialists offer professional landscaping and yard maintenance for a stunning, healthy property? Bring the natural beauty of Weingartner and Ninth Street parks home through our tree and shrub pruning and transplanting and allow your family and pets to play carefree on pest and weed treated grass. Your suburban Philadelphia homestead will be an inspiration to your neighbors.

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