Winter is a challenging time for outdoor maintenance. If you have a lawn, you need to get it ready for winter. If you’re a homeowner, you’re responsible for your property– but if you’re a business owner, you have a good deal more to consider than just winterizing your grass. You need to find a commercial snow removal company to safely and professionally remove the snow from your business’s property.

Why Do I Need Professional Snow Removal?

An improperly shoveled or snowblown parking lot and sidewalk are major hazards. If an employee, customer, contractor, or other visitor slips and falls, you could be held liable. If your business doesn’t properly remove the snow from its various pathways within 48 hours of accumulation, you can be sued under terms of premises liability.

Additionally, neglecting to remove snow might not just be a liability– it is also likely an OSHA violation and is a violation of the ADA. Failure to remove snow and ice can result in fines of up to $500 per day according to the ADA, so it’s simply good business practice to remove snow and ice immediately.

However, choosing commercial snow removal companies can be a challenge. You can start by simply searching for “commercial snow removal companies near me,” but how do you know which companies can deliver fast, effective results and which companies are just simply no good? Here’s how to choose a commercial snow removal company.

Check The Reviews

Always look at what people have to say about a snow removal company’s service. Read many reviews, including negative reviews. See how the company responds to both positive and negative reviews. It’s a red flag when a company responds angrily, insults customers, or is otherwise unprofessional in responses to negative feedback. If they’re willing to fight publicly with customers, what do you think that means will happen if you have a problem with them?

Identify Service Levels

Different commercial snow removal companies may offer different levels of service. This could include monthly contracts for the whole snow season, emergency service only, service by winter event, or set rates for time and materials.

You should also consider the types of services that these companies offer. These can include such functions as:

  • Snow plowing and shoveling
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • De-icing treatments for your pavement
  • Snow hauling and snow pile removal
  • Loading dock clearing

Determine Pricing

While pricing is an important factor, your budget shouldn’t be the only determining factor. Commercial snow removal companies need a lot of liability insurance and use expensive equipment that requires specialized, experienced operators. If a snow removal company’s prices seem too good to be true, they may be cutting corners somewhere.

Your snow removal company should offer fair and transparent pricing, without hidden fees. If they’re charging for equipment use and de-icing supplies, they should be able to tell you what each fee is for and offer you an itemized bill.

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