Artificial turf can be a great solution when transforming a dull and lifeless landscape into a lush and vibrant one. However, the artificial turf installation process may seem intimidating, especially for individuals that are unfamiliar with artificial turf.

But the truth is that artificial turf installation is much easier than you might think–provided that you work with a qualified professional who can do the job efficiently and correctly. By working with the best of the best, you can access various benefits, such as the best quality materials, proper installation, and long-term maintenance.

What is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is a synthetic turf commonly used for sports fields and golfing greens. The turf combines numerous materials to replace natural turf grass or lawn sod. Despite its traditional use, many homeowners are now turning to artificial turf to replace the live grass on their lawns.

Artificial grass is created using synthetic nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene fibers. The artificial turf is constructed with artificial grass blades held together with secure backing materials. Depending on the installation process and the quality of the synthetic grass, artificial turf can last from 15 to 20 years.

Who Uses Artificial Turf?

A common question people ask when considering artificial turf is, “who uses artificial turf?” The answer is simple: anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a lush, vibrant, elegant lawn without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep.

Artificial turf is popular among homeowners who don’t have the time or resources to manage a traditional grass lawn. It’s also popular among commercial property owners and municipalities, who can use artificial turf to turn a barren, weedy landscape into a vibrant, inviting area.

Why Hire Pros for Artificial Turf Installation?

Hiring pros won’t only save time during the artificial turf installation process but will give you access to essential benefits to keep your artificial turf sustainable and effective. Not sure whether to hire a professional team? Consider the reasons that hiring professionals to install your artificial turf is crucial, such as the following.

The Best Quality Materials

When installing artificial turf, using the best quality materials is essential. Pros have the expertise to select the suitable turf for your specific needs, and they know the differences between different types of turf and can help you choose the most suitable one for your location. Additionally, pros have access to the highest quality materials and tools, which can significantly reduce the risk of errors and improve the look and feel of your artificial turf.

Proper Installation

Installing artificial turf is a complex process that requires a lot of precision. Professionals have the proper tools and techniques to install the turf correctly. They will carefully measure the area to be covered, use the right amount of infill to ensure that the turf is level, and ensure that the turf is secured correctly, so it won’t shift or move over time.

Long-Term Maintenance

A successful artificial turf installation requires maintenance over the years. Professionals can provide regular maintenance services to ensure that your artificial turf remains in top condition and that you won’t need a replacement soon. A professional team can identify when the right time to replace your turf is and complete the replacement to keep your turf looking great and help it last longer.


Hiring a professional for artificial turf installation can save you money in the long run. Professional installers are familiar with the process and can complete the job quickly and correctly. Professional installation eliminates the risk of errors, saving you both time and money, and ensures that you won’t need any drastic fixes or upgrades in the future that come with a burdensome cost.

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

Homeowners should consider the numerous benefits of artificial turf when looking into their options for turf installation. Synthetic turf will benefit you and your home in some of the following ways:

  • No more need to water your lawn
  • Eliminating time-consuming lawn maintenance
  • Eliminating the cost of a lawn mowing service or the time spent manual lawn mowing
  • No more time wasted on irrigating and fertilizing your grass
  • Lower pest rates
  • Potential to increase your home’s value
  • It gets rid of puddling issues
  • Safer for children and pets
  • No grass or mud stains
  • Improved versatility
  • Drought-resistant
  • Weed-proof
  • No need for harmful pesticides
  • Better water conservation
  • Fewer landfill contributions
  • Less erosion and runoff
  • Elegant and sophisticated appearance no matter the season

What Benefits Does a Professional Installation Service Offer?

Professional artificial turf installation is crucial for many reasons beyond the surface-level proper installation process. Below are many reasons homeowners choose professional services like Terra Lawn Care Specialists to meet their needs.

  • Professional turf installers have the experience and expertise to install your artificial turf properly.
  • Pro installers know the best way to install artificial turf in any terrain, from flat surfaces to sloped areas.
  • Professional turf installers use the latest tools and techniques to install your artificial turf quickly and efficiently.
  • Experienced installers can help you choose the right type of artificial turf for your needs.
  • Professional installers can help you design the perfect artificial turf layout for your outdoor space.
  • Professional turf installers can help you save money by providing quality turf at an affordable price.

Why Choose Terra Lawn Care Specialists for Artificial Turf Installation?

Installing artificial turf is a big decision for any homeowner, making it essential for you to choose only the best services available. Homeowners in Pennsylvania looking for a high-quality, experienced turf installation service can look no further than Terra Lawn Care. The pros at Terra Lawn Care provide the best services at the best price to transform your landscape into a vibrant and inviting space.

Our installation professionals have the expertise to ensure a proper and seamless installation to save you time and money. With over 50 years of combined work experience in professional lawn care and plant health, the team at Terra Lawn Care guarantees that your house is the nicest on the block.

At Terra, your needs and desires always come first. Get started on your journey to artificial turf installation by contacting the experts at Terra Lawn Care today.