Collegeville, PA – Terra Lawn Care has converted from granular fertilization to a liquid based system by SynaTek. Lawn fertilizers are designed to provide grass with nutrients needed for a healthy green color. Liquid fertilizers are quick release solutions which are absorbed rapidly and offer quick results. They are often applied more frequently than granular fertilizers since grass and soil are quicker to absorb the liquid.

Lawn companies will test and analyze soil for pH and other key nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The liquid based program allows Terra to change their product mix daily which will adapt better to changing conditions and allow for much less waste. Another benefit to SynaTek’s liquid base fertilizer is that unlike granular fertilizer, which gets onto sidewalks and driveways, liquid fertilizer allows for easier cleanup.

In addition to Terra’s change to SynaTek’s liquid based system of fertilization, the company now uses reclaimed rainwater. In keeping with an eco-friendly approach, rainwater provides optimal pH balance for lawns. The rainwater is collected through gutters and diverted into a 30,000 gallon underground storage tank. The water is then pumped into a warehouse and mixed with organic products, fertilizers and herbicides that will be used on customer lawns. The applications are applied with a Steel Green spreader. In cases where machines can damage turf the products will be applied by walk through with the use of hoses.

Proper lawn fertilizing and healthy soil are key to having a quality lawn. Having a good professional service team will make it easier to provide a homeowner with worry free maintenance. Grasses will look better through longer seasons with even coverage and strong roots.

The pros to SynaTek’s liquid base fertilizer are:

  • Terra can change the mix daily which will adapt to changing conditions
  • Nutrients are absorbed quicker with SynaTek liquid base
  • Liquid fertilizers show results sooner than slow release granular fertilizers.
  • Since a liquid fertilizer provides nutrients immediately, it’s ideal for starting up new lawns.
  • Liquid fertilizers are easier to spread than granular fertilizers.
  • Liquid fertilizers spread more uniformly across the lawn than granular fertilizers.

While there are debates on granular versus liquid fertilizer, it ultimately ensures that the customer gets the results they want. Terra stays on top with innovative products like those from SynaTek and continues to improve upon their lawn care services and customer happiness. These new changes contribute to the growth of Terra’s organic lawn care offerings.