Cutless Granular

Let Terra Save You Money With An Application Of Cutless Granular!

At Terra, we understand the importance of being efficient and that’s why our priority is to save you money.

Plants treated with Cutless Granular will require less trimming and exhibit a more compact growth form. One application of Cutless Granular combined with one trimming to shape plants to the desired shape and size, will replace several trimmings throughout the year. Cutless Granular greatly reduces the volume, cost, and hassle of trimmed vegetation disposal. Research has shown that the use of Cutless Granular can reduce clipping bio-mass by up to 51%.

Aggressive pruning of hedges and shrubs can weaken the plant and make them more susceptible to insects, disease and environmental stress. Cutless Granular improves overall shrub shape and generates fuller, more attractive plants by stimulating branching, promoting darker and greener foliage, and enhancing flowering in some species. Also, since treated plants are able to re-allocate resources for defense and storage, many species may exhibit improved tolerance to disease and improved water use efficiency resulting in pre-drought stress conditioning.

Let Terra Save You Money And Time!

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