Transplanting of Trees & Shrubs

When It Comes To Your Trees And Shrubs: Move Them, Don’t Remove Them.

We like to see a plant’s life extended, and are always happy to move it somewhere it can continue to grow and thrive!

Sometimes the plans you create require some of the trees and plants on your property to be moved. This can be a complicated, messy job with a high likelihood of failure if not done correctly. We at Terra take pride in our ability to do this successfully, which means good planning and preparation. Tree and shrub transplanting takes experienced horticulturists, people who really know plants and trees. Our people approach these projects carefully and confidently.

There are many factors that can make or break a successful tree or shrub transplant. It’s a job best left to people who have done it many times, as we have. It is usually less expensive to move existing trees and shrubs than buying new, and reusing plants that might have been growing for years is the environmentally correct thing to do.

Some Things That Terra Considers:

What types of shrubs are being transplanted?

Care must be taken to not put plants that crave water near those who prefer it drier; you’ll never be able to get the balance right

Are you taking shrubs from a shady area to a sunny spot?

Better make sure they can handle that.

Have you added microbes to the soil to assist with nutrient uptake of the newly transplanted tree or shrub?

Better make sure they can handle that.

What time of year are you considering transplanting them?

Late winter and early spring is best.

Put Your Trees And Shrubs In Good Hands!

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