Tree Trimming

Terra's Tree Trimming Service Keeps Your Trees Healthy

Why is tree trimming so important?

  • Safety first. Branches that overhang or block visibility can be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Resilience. The right tree pruning techniques help to develop strong roots so it can weather the storms.
  • Aesthetics. Tree trimming is a great way to maintain the tree’s shape and overall looks.
  • More fruit. Tree pruning helps to stimulate fruit production.

Mature trees need continued care and attention. Unfortunately, many people fall prey to low-cost tree companies that advise “crowning,” or shaping the top of the tree to a rounded, shorter crown. That’s a common mistake, but it can be a BIG one. Learn more about tree care here!

The experts at Terra will work with you to decide what you need and what’s best for your tree.

Our dedicated tree trimming service will take careful steps to make sure your tree stays healthy and beautiful as can be!

Don’t Hire Just Anybody With A Truck And A Chainsaw!

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