Almost everyone knows it is important to water your lawn after applying fertilizer, but the process is not always as straightforward as it seems. When and how to water after fertilizer application depends on which type of fertilizer you use, as well as the weather conditions outside. Let’s take a look at the best practices for watering your lawn after applying fertilizer.

Liquid Fertilizer vs. Granular Fertilizer

There are two main types of fertilizer: liquid fertilizer and granular fertilizer. These two types of fertilizers differ in makeup, and which one you decide to use has a major impact on when you should water your garden after fertilizing.

Granular fertilizer is made up of tiny granules, while liquid fertilizer is a fluid. Granular fertilizer must be watered into the soil in order to take effect, but liquid fertilizer does not always require you to water the lawn after using it.

When To Water After Fertilizing

When to water after fertilizing varies widely depending on which type of fertilizer you use.

You should water granular fertilizer immediately after it is applied to your plants. Granular fertilizer needs the help of water for it to activate, so it will have no effect on your garden if you forget to water after adding it.

For liquid fertilizer, you should wait longer before watering your plants. In fact, you can wait for as much as 12-24 hours to water your plants again for the best results. However, be sure that after 24 hours, you resume your normal watering schedule. Otherwise, your plants might not be able to get the water they need to fully benefit from that fertilizer.

What Time To Water After Fertilizing

Some people wonder whether it is better to water their garden in the morning or evening after fertilizing. After fertilizing your plants, you don’t need to change the time you water your garden. You can water your garden at any time of day, and your fertilizer will still take effect.

How Much To Water After Fertilizing

When watering your garden after fertilizing, you may wonder whether you need to increase the amount of water used to ensure that your plants are able to take in the fertilizer, or perhaps you think it’s a good idea to lessen the amount of water you use so as not to suffocate your plants.

The answer to how much water you need to use after fertilizing is deceptively simple. You don’t need to change the amount of water you use when watering your plants after fertilizing them. Once you resume your normal watering schedule, continue using the same amount of water you did before.

Why Water After Fertilizing

It is important to water your plants after fertilizing them if you use certain types of fertilizers. Water breaks down certain nutrients in the fertilizer and helps them start feeding your plants the food they need. Granular fertilizer relies on water to do its job in your garden, so you must immediately water your plants to activate them.