We all know cold days have either arrived or are just around the corner. With winter on the horizon, it can feel like there’s a lot to do around the home and yard. While you’re taking care of everything, make sure you aren’t also neglecting the most important part of your yard – the lawn. It’s also never a bad idea to get in touch with a trusted lawn care professional who can help you handle all your winter lawn care needs!

Maintaining a lawn doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a little research and preparation can go a surprisingly long way. Read ahead for some practical tips on how to get your lawn prepared for winter weather.

Aerate Your Lawn

Start by aerating your lawn. Aerating your lawn allows your soil to breathe and move before all of your grass goes dormant for the year. Remember, the soil is a living thing, so caring for it as such will allow your grass to flourish.

Manage Irrigation

Have a plan in place to manage your lawn’s irrigation system before the first freeze of the winter. Usually, this means shutting down the water supply to your irrigation system, as well as blowing out all sprinkler lines to ensure that the pipes do not fill with water, freeze, or crack. Doing so will prevent a multitude of problems come spring, as well as protect your home and surrounding property from damage.

Keep It Neat

Remember that during the wintertime, your grass is dormant, so it’s important to be gentle with it. Don’t store items during the winter on your lawn, and try to minimize foot traffic on it as well. Both will help to prevent damage and ensure you have happy grass come springtime!


It’s also a good idea to invest in a quality fertilizer for your grass. Look for a fertilizer with both nitrogen (N) and potassium (K). Applying fertilizer will help nourish your grass while it’s dormant, as well as give it a boost come springtime. You should also make sure you apply your fertilizer before it gets too cold, so shoot for around November, depending on your area. If you’re not sure about your specific bag of fertilizer, check the label or consult with your local hardware store or plant nursery.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last second or until after the first freeze to begin your lawn maintenance. Caring for your lawn is a year-round routine, and winter should be no different. Stock up on supplies ahead of time and allow time for lawn maintenance, or consider hiring a professional if you find yourself short on time. Contact our lawn care specialists at Terra Lawn Care today, and let us help you prepare your lawn for winter!


Taking care of your lawn before winter comes can help to prevent a number of issues as the weather turns cold. It is also a great investment in the long-term health of your lawn. Taking the extra time to get the necessary supplies and having a plan to winterize your lawn will help ensure a lush, thriving lawn for years to come.