How do we get the lawns we mow to look so nice?  Those crisp straight lines with a crisscross pattern make any home look like a professional baseball diamond.

It is not easy but we spend a lot of time training our lawn mowing technicians and we also spend a significant amount of money to buy the best machines in the business.  It does not end there.  We also invest heavily in the maintenance of our equipment and well as keeping those blades sharp.

Anyone can buy the best equipment but the key is having the right people and adhering to our process.  First, if it is the first time a crew is mowing a particular property, they walk the property to identify low spots, wet areas, or other hidden obstacles.  They are also looking for the best way to mow the property to make it look neat and keep those clippings out of your beautiful mulch beds and swimming pools.  Once we begin to cut, we make sure to alternate patterns and never follow the previous week’s wheel tracks.  The reason for this is to avoid creating ruts and uneven ground.  Once we have reached the end of a run, we need to turn around with a 3 point turn rather than pivoting on the inside wheel which will create a bald spot in the grass.

One of the most important parts to achieve a well-manicured look it to keep your blades sharp (we sharpen ours at least once per week and use the hardest steel blades to keep them sharp).  This will give a nice cut rather than a tear of the grass blade.  You are probably wondering why some homes have a nice layer of dead grass covering the entire property during rapid growing seasons and other homes do not.  This is avoided by a process called “Double Cutting”.   This is not simply going over the property two times.  It is more than that.  The first time we pass over the property, we remove 1-1.5” from the blade of grass.  Once that has been done, we lower the mower cutting deck and mow in a 90-degree direction to the original cut to remove another 1” from the grass blades.  By doing this, we do not have long pieces of cut grass laying on top of the property and strangling the remaining grass.

Now that the grass has been mower it is time to string trim borders. I frequently see people holding the trimmer head level to the ground and this works really well to scalp the grass and leave it too short which will provide a great environment for weeds to grow. The proper way to string trim the borders is to use a special edger or hold the trimmer at a 90-degree angle to the surface of the grass so you will achieve a nice well-defined border but be careful to not overdo it so you will not get a 2” wide and 4” deep trough surrounding your property.

Sounds easy, right? Well, if it does not sound easy, you are correct but we have the proper people and machinery to do this at a reasonable cost to you so give us a call to schedule your free lawn evaluation.