I often hear from potential customers that company XYZ will give them free lime with their lawn care program and this always bothers me because I know it is just a sales gimmick.  The reality is that they might not need lime because their pH might be fine, if they do need their soil pH adjusted, it will take a lot more lime than anyone will put down, and finally, it will take years for the lime to penetrate the soil surface to actually make any impact on their soil and turf.  For all of these reasons, I know that I can educate this person, they will most likely appreciate it, trust us, and become a happy customer for many years.

What we use is a product called Physiocal whenever a pH adjustment is needed. Physiocal quickly penetrates the soil surface, adjusts the soil pH and helps to amend the soil and break up any clay.  It also strengthens the lawn cell wall and achieves the desired result.

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