So many times I hear people say they will do their own fertilization and weed control for various reasons and many of them are valid.  The one I love to hear is that they are very knowledgeable about turf care and weed control.  This is a passion of theirs and they take a great amount of pride in admiring their lush green lawn.  I think this is my favorite because it reminds me of our technician and their dedication to their job as well as the pride they take in achieving optimal results for a customer.  I cannot tell you how often I receive pictures texted to me from my technicians of an amazing lawn they helped to establish.

The reason that I have a really difficult time agreeing with is that they want to save money.  I do not agree with this for many reasons.  First of all, we use the best quality fertilizers you can get and out technicians, each is individually certified and licensed with the state so they really know what they are doing.  In addition to all of this, our lead technician has a degree in Agronomy as well as over 15 years of work experience as an assistant superintendent at golf courses.  What all of this means is that you are getting a highly trained technician using products that are appropriate for the condition of your turf at that time of year.  If you are doing this yourself, you are applying a product that is made to take care of anyone’s lawn with no knowledge of your individual property.  Speaking of individuality, the weed control we use is applied in the correct concentration so we will achieve the desired result and use the least amount of herbicide to achieve this.  We are also using the most specific herbicide for the type of weed we may see rather than the most potent cover all herbicide which is not good for you or the environment.  My last point of discussion is when people say they wish to save money so they will do it themselves.  When you compare the cost of purchasing your own product from a big box store, the cost is minimally less expensive than hiring a professional to do this and if you factor in your fuel, time, waste, and storing any unused product, you are probably paying more to do this yourself.

If you are a do it yourself-er and now wish to let the experts at Terra Lawn care Specialists handle your turf care, please give us a call or email us for a free lawn evaluation and we will be more than happy to come out to your property and review the condition of your turf with you.