Terra has expanded over the past years and as part of our expansion, we have made green initiatives a priority. What can a landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn care company do to make us greener? Many things. Most people think we can only use organic lawn care fertilizers and herbicides. The reality is that organic herbicides really do not give the results people want and they are very costly. What we have done is installed a 30,000-gallon underground cistern that has all of our building’s gutters plumbed into so we can reclaim our rainwater.  Our fertilization technicians use this reclaimed rainwater every day rather than using tap water.  In addition to this, our fertilization and weed control technicians used to use gas-powered blowers to clean off the fertilizer from driveways.  We now use electric rechargeable blowers which are recharged with solar power. This eliminates gas consumption and pollutants.

In addition to all of these things, all of our equipment is 3 years old or less so we are using the cleanest burning engines possible and our fertilization and weed control vans use a 6 cylinder turbo diesel motors for maximum fuel efficiency and since they are new, their emissions are very clean too.