The trees and shrubs at your home are a growing investment which will increase the value of your home with each passing season if they are maintained properly.  If they are not, they may fail to flourish and may decline in health due to lack of proper care and feeding. Caring for your trees and shrubs offer many benefits including improved flowering, increased resistance to disease and a greater ability to fend off attacks by insects.  Deep root injection feedings provide the proper plant foods directly into the root zone of the plants which allows the fertilizer to be more easily absorbed and quickly put to work.  In addition to this, it helps to compensate for poor soil or poor planting locations.  If a plant is not properly cared for, when it is planted in a less than optimal location it will fail to thrive and will decline as its food demands increase as it gets larger.

One feeding per season is good preventive maintenance and the right fertilization provides the proper diet to prevent many types of stress that will weaken your trees and shrubs.

Regularly scheduled balanced root feeding helps to improve and protect your growing landscape investment as well as helping your trees and shrubs to fight off many infectious diseases or insect attacks without suffering serious or permanent damage.

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