There are several types of white grubs that feed on the roots of turf.  If they go untreated, all of them may decimate a lawn.

These grubs live and feed in the soil and it’s difficult to miss them since they slowly cut the roots out from under the lawn until brown patches appear and the grubs are discovered too late.  If you think you have grubs, you may pull back the turf and if it pulls up like a carpet, you may see white grubs in the top inch of the soil.

What are grubs? They are the larval or worm like the state of many beetles which lay their eggs in your lawn.  Eggs are primarily laid in mid to late summer and the grubs do the most damage in the fall months.  When the eggs hatch, the worms work their way through the thatch and into the soil where they feed on the roots of your grass.

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Once the weather cools most grubs burrow deeper into the soil for the winter. They return to the surface to feed again as the soil warms in the spring and after the spring feeding the grubs morph into adult beetles and the cycle begins again.

These grubs will not disappear on their own. They should be treated before they do their damage and you see the turf dying.  If you discover them earlier enough in the cycle, a preventive grub control treatment can be applied.  If you discover them after the damage has been done, curative treatment is necessary. To learn more about grubs and how to treat them and prevent them, contact us today.

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