Outdoor living spaces are a lot of fun for our company to design and build since they lend themselves to a lot of creativity and are not a cookie cutter type of project.  New and innovative products are constantly coming into the market and we really enjoy implementing them into our designs.

Roofed structures which are solid or of the trellis type are very popular with the increasing awareness of skin cancer and these structures provide a great foundation upon which to build the rest of the project.  Under the roof, we usually put a kitchen, fireplace, and if there is a pool at the residence, a bathroom and laundry room are frequent additions too.

People look at me like I’m crazy when I say a laundry facility but once they are able to keep all of their pool towels outside and in close proximity to the pool, that is one of the homeowner’s favorite parts of the space, especially once they no longer have a ton of wet house guests going through their home looking for towels.  It is also nice to get out of the pool and wrap yourself in a nice warm towel.

Speaking of warmth, we use a lot of infrared heaters and gas fired natural wood fireplaces so the homeowner can enjoy the space well into the fall.  One favorite pastime of many customers is being able to watch their favorite football games on their outdoor TV while grilling in their outdoor kitchen. Wireless technology has made it very easy to have an outdoor television and most incorporate a Sonos system into the outdoor stereo too.

The materials we encourage people to use are usually natural stone, brick, flagstone, and wood.  These natural products tend to be timeless and never go out of style.  One more thing we do is use a lot of gas lanterns as accent lighting too.  These really have an old world look and are something unique that you do not see everywhere.

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