It is hard to believe after the record breaking heat and dryness of this past summer that it is time to winterize your lawn.  Winterizing your lawn is the 6th and final step in our 6 step turf care program. This step is necessary to build carbohydrates within the root system for a quicker green up in the spring.

When we winterize your lawn we use a late fall fertilizer blend of 30-00-03 which is a high nitrogen content that is quickly released to the turf.  At this time of year with the turf going into dormancy most of the nitrogen content will be stored in the root system.  The potassium content of 03 is designed to strengthen cell walls which allows the turf to survive freezing and thawing throughout the winter months.  Our experienced technician will also do the last broad leaf weed spraying of the season to ensure that all weeds die off. Most importantly, eliminate all leaves laying on the surface during the winter months.

Typically our technicians will evaluate your plants, bushes and trees with each visit to your property.  During the winter months between the end of the program and the start of the next years program the homeowner can observe their bushes and shrubs for scale insect. Signs of these insects are white fuzzy balls or a whitening of the branches of the bushes. Upon closer inspection some white areas will appear segmented, especially on burning bushes or Euonymous shrubs.

In addition to a good winterizing fertilizer, we are frequently asked how low grass should be cut in the winter.  The answer to this is 3-3.5”. If grass is left too long, it is a great place for mice and other rodents to set up a new home for the winter. Another important consideration for the winter is to stay off of your lawn as much as possible especially during times of frost or freezing temperatures.  If grass is walked on during these times, the blades actually break and will leave unsightly brown areas wherever the traffic occurred.

As with all of our products it is important to remember we use only the best and safest products available to the industry.  These products are not available at your local hardware, box store or garden center.